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They actually trimmed the tree in 14 because they had decided it didn't need to come down. I've got at the back of my house in a row, the air conditioner condenser, an emergency generator and then this lift that I just put in would be the third item. Right above this was a 150 ft tree that was huge. The trunk on this thing was 7 foot in diameter and was dropping these limbs onto my house so I called them. I've used him for about the last 5 years. Their prices are unbelievably inexpensive. Responsive tree people are hard to get and if they can scam you, they will. These guys have always been very reasonable in fact to the point that you feel sort of embarrassed when you want to talk about their prices. When they came out, their first price was 59,00 dollars but we went back and forth till we reached 55,00. They took down that tree in 2 days. They were out here working before I signed the contract. They were probably more punctual than we've ever seen a company. When they cleaned up, nothing was left anywhere, no saw dust, it was like they never were here except for the stump. They have to grind that up. They deserve a special award.

Removed a maple tree at my sister's house in falls church. This is the second time I have used Buds service. I have been pleased each time by the extremely competitive prices and the professionalism of the owner and all his staff. A+ all the way.

After the derecho hit last summer I had a very large tree branch hanging over my house and a few others in the yard and on other trees that needed to be removed. I was given a very fair quote even though other companies were charging a premium for these services at that time. In fact, there were stories in the paper that prices had doubled. However, they charged me the same as if it had been done before the big storm had hit. He came when he said, did the work and removed all of the debris from his work.

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